About Us

PAGE TECHNOLOGY LTD is a private company registered in Malta which is solely involved in the importation and distribution of Dental Products in Malta & Gozo since 1993.

We distribute to Dental Professionals, Dental Laboratories, Dental Hygienists & Dental Students.

We have established ourselves as one of the leading Dental Distributors in Malta.

We are proud to supply a vast range of Dental Supplies from World Leading/ Trusted Brands

Direct Restoration 

  • Liner, Composites, Ormocer, Compomer, Glass Iomoner, Bonding

Indirect Restoration 

  • Luting, Core Build Up, Tempories, Repair, Denture Relining, Composite Inlays.

Impression Material

  • A-Silicones & Alginates


Professional Whitening 

  • In-Office & Take-Home 



  • Self-Tapping & Non Self-Tapping 

Bone & Tissue Regeneration 

  • Bone Substitute, Membranes & Bone Harvesting


  • Fixed Appliances & Aligners 

Hand Instruments

  • Surgical, Diagnostic, Periodontal, Restorative, Implantology & Orthodontics


  • Turbines, Contra-Angles amongst others including Maintenance Sprays & Lubricants 

Oral Irrigation

  • Superior oral care for your patients  

Laboratory Products

  • Laboratory Materials & Instruments –Supplied to Dental Laboratory Technicians 

Intra-Oral Scanners:

  • Digital Solutions which support clinicians to digitize dentistry & improve patient experience.

Other Consumables & Accessories